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Primal Processor is an entry-level shop floor solution (ERP) for food processing environments.  We have a suite of comprehensive tools to manage operations and fulfillment.  We focus on automating repetitive tasks and interacting with specialized equipment to streamline operations and provide visibility into the information critical for the success of the organization.


Regulatory requirements differ between industries, State governments have different strategies for safeguarding the public and then all of our customers operate differently. Primal Processor is designed to be flexible enough to follow YOUR workflow process.

From our core modules of customer management and shop floor controls, to bolt on modules such as product labeling or process automation, to offering full customization, we can meet the needs of your unique workflow.

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Primal Processor works in any modern Microsoft Windows environment whether on an individual PC or in a client/server environment. Our technology has been designed to provide the maximum amount of flexibility and ideal fit.

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Most of our customers have a point of data collection in their processing workflow. Whether weighing product, collecting measurements or even moving an object between two points, Primal Processor can collect the relevant data for the transaction and provide summary reporting and detailed information on the transaction. Read more about some of the industries we serve.

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Primal Processor

Software solutions for production lines

Primal Processor provides an easy way for companies to capture orders, manage raw materials, process jobs, track finished goods and stay in compliance through the entire workflow process.