Depending on the customer’s needs, several other modules can be included with the core functionality to streamline the business.

Product Labeling

We understand how critical labels can be for a business, and how they can often be the source of problems and frustration! We have the expertise and experience to help you deliver high quality labels consistently and simply.

​We assist with regulatory compliance, label design and even training if you want your in-house team to take over design.

Box Weigh Label

For most of our customers, weighing a product starts the new transaction process. Weighing of the product is the trigger for alerts, reports, and everything else that follows.

We have designed Primal Processor to work with most weigh systems on the market today

Process Automation

Scanning is one way of increasing productivity while reducing the time necessary to complete repetitive tasks in an organization. We help our customers achieve efficient, error trapping environments regardless of the workflow process.