Customer Management

Managing customers and their unique requirements can be a daunting task in food processing environments. Primal processor has been built to maximize flexibility in capturing and responding to customer needs. Coupled with extensive business intelligence reporting, Primal Processor provides the information necessary to ensure success.

Order Entry

Primal Processor has been built with both an easy to use internal interface for managing orders as well as a customer facing portal to allow customers to directly create and manage orders, reports and other tasks that pull internal resources into time consuming needs.

​We have built the system with your specific needs in mind.

Shop Floor Control

Through real time reporting, process control and prioritization of tasks Primal Process provides the information necessary to allow management to see and react to changing needs in dynamic environments. Data gathering allows for scheduling, inventory audits and resource planning.

Finished Goods

Providing visibility into finished goods allows the company to gain control of goods ready for consumption or distribution. This is crucial to minimize material costs and plan based on actual need.

Production Costing

We have expanded Primal Processor Core to help our customers gain even more visibility into production costs.  With the Production Costing module you can track fixed and variable costs, consumable costs and the cost of goods sold.  The Production Costing report center allows you to look at Profit and Loss in real time, establish Weighted Cost Average Pricing for the sales department and to identify outliers and anomalies with the click of a button.

Quickbooks Integration

Many of our customers have established relationships with QuickBooks. Now our customers can synchronize customer records, capture production costs automatically and generate invoices in QuickBooks from the Primal Processor interface.

Recipe Manager

Tracking ingredients is hard with batch processing. Our customers can now track allergens and material costs with ease. The Recipe Manager fully integrates with Label Management updating ingredient lists seamlessly ensuring a 0% error rate with Product Labeling despite multi-sourced ingredients and mixes..


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